Whether you are new to the solidThinking community or a veteran user, every software tip and trick can add up to make a world of difference when working on a design. In an effort to offer our loyal customers useful information and foster collaboration, we are offering a featured tip or trick every month.

This month we offer you a brief series of keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient when using solidThinking.  We invite you to watch the video below to see these keyboard shortcuts in action.

                Keyboard Shorcuts               
                Ctrl+Spacebar – re-activate the previous modeling tool
                Alt+Spacebar – toggle between Edit Parameters mode and Edit Points mode
                Alt+Left Click – select objects while in Edit Parameters mode
                Ctrl+T  (Command+T)mac – fit selected object to the current view
                H – Hide/Unhide selected objects
                Ctrl+Alt+D – turntable animation