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Floating Shapes

One of the latest projects developed by designers Paolo De Lucchi and Emanuele Rodella is certainly an interesting one, from both the design and the modeling point of view.

Modeling a complex object can be challenging but modeling something that, in some way, has no concrete shape – like a cloud – is even more challenging.

In order to develop a shape like one of the new Nèfos lighting systems (pictures below), it was essential to be able to modify the design while trying to achieve the desired result, a shape that could realistically resemble a soft and floating cloud.

Thanks to solidThinking’s Construction History, and how it handles parameter and control points editing, the result was great.

“The challenge was to create the model in a way that could allow us to handle any further variation that would have been required for aesthetical reasons,” said Emanuele Rodella. “We wanted to achieve the same shape control you have with a sculpture, especially for evaluating the whole shape while adjusting each single concave or convex area. I found a method to create a grid shaped structure that gave me the total control over the result, and each piece was dynamically connected to each other through solidThinking’s ConstructionTree. The modeling quality was noticeable, resulting in a smooth and sinuous model. solidThinking helped us a lot to realize this project.”

Nèfos is manufactured by Myyour and will be developed in four sizes and variants.

In the pictures below, designers Emanuele Rodella (on the left) and Paolo De Lucchi with some of his preliminary hand sketches.


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